Gender-Based Violence: Questioning Men’s Violence Against Women

Gender-Based Violence

In virtually every part of the world (developed and developing) women have remained subject of violence. Violence against women is rampant in both developed and developing countries.

Gender-based violence constitutes a gross violation of women’s rights and further renders them susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. This is so in a region such as Africa where patriarchal tradition has continued to perpetuate violence against women.

Low status of women coupled with lack of political will on the part of African countries has exacerbated gender-based violence in the region. The project aims at adopting a holistic approach towards addressing gender-based violence in Africa.

This will include engaging with traditional rulers, policy makers and community members, including men and boys, to address the incidence of gender-based violence.

The programme will advocate for legal reforms and education awareness towards addressing gender-based violence.

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Copyright by ConcernWomen. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ConcernWomen. All rights reserved.