CWIDI calls for increase in awareness and access to female condoms in Nigeria during the 2018 Global Female Condom Day

September 16th of every year is called the day of the female condom. This day is set aside to create awareness and increase the discussion on access and use of the female condom as well as break the barriers surrounding the access to the female condom.
Adolescents and young people especially girls and women have an unmet sexual health need requiring advocates to raise their voices and increase awareness. It is the right of young people to make choices of which method of contraceptives and protection they prefer and are suitable for them. This choices should be healthy and informed by access to the right information.
In order to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted, girls and women should be able to have access to needed protection irrespective of their socioeconomic class or sexual orientation. Girls and women experience a lot of sexual and reproductive health issues thus, it is crucial that they are included in policies, plans and preventive measures against STI’s. These girls and women are the ones that are affected by the consequences of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and infection by sexually transmitted diseases such as school dropout, prolonged hospital stay.
Among the effective preventive measures to the above consequences, is the use of female condoms. It closes the gap in the contraceptive needs of girls and women. Also, it serves the dual protective role of protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. With these benefits, it should be made readily and easily available and accessible to young people especially girls and young women. Read more

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